Quality Education for All

Discover our comprehensive range of educational services designed to empower and engage learners of all ages and abilities.



Engage in a personalized assessment to uncover each learner’s unique abilities and interests.



Provide a nurturing environment where learners can explore their potential and develop a love for learning.



Equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to become ethical and engaged citizens.

Play Group

Stimulating programs designed to foster social and emotional development for children aged 2-3.

Baby Class

Engaging activities tailored for children aged 3-4 to promote early cognitive and motor skills.

Pre-Primary 1

A structured curriculum for 4-5-year-olds that cultivates a strong foundation for future learning.

Pre-Primary 2

Continued growth and academic preparation for children aged 5-6.

Lower Primary

Comprehensive education for children aged 6-9, focusing on core subjects and personal development.

Competency Based Curriculum

Implementation of the KICD curriculum to ensure holistic development and individual growth.

Safe & Secure Environment

Creating a nurturing and safe atmosphere for children to thrive and learn.

Fun & Engaging Activities

Incorporation of interactive and enjoyable activities to make learning an exciting experience.

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