Who We Are

ACACIA DIGITAL ACADEMY is a world class educational institution based in Acacia, Kitengela. We offer learners a sound Early Years and Middle School Education while blending academic and extracurricular activities in a friendly, fun filled environment managed by well qualified and experienced teachers. We are one of the few that has integrated the use of technology in learning through our all in one multi-media pc’s and interactive whiteboards.

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Our Curicullum

We implement the new Competency Based Curriculum Developed by KICD which envisions the development of “an engaged, an empowered & ethical citizen”. The Curriculum is geared towards nurturing the potential of every learner & making learning enjoyable.

Play Group (2 - 3 Years)

Oral activities: Imitation of sounds, story-telling/news telling, singing simple songs, making simple requests- Please, May I, Thank you, Excuse me, Sorry, also known as the magic words.

Baby Class (3-4 years)

We prepare the children for formal learning in Pre-Primary. We focus on self expression, hygiene, self feeding, singing, scribbling for pencil control, coloring, toilet training, motoring skills, games, dances, swimming among others.

Pre-Primary 1 (4-5 years)

At this stage the children start reading simple words and sentences while doing simple addition and subtraction. They also start their computing classes.

Pre-Primary 2 (5-6 years)

This Class involves preparing the children for entry into lower primary grade 1. Apart from computer classes they also start their French classes.

Language skills are enhanced and the children are able to read double sound words and sentences and also read simple stories and story books.

Grade 1-3 (6-9 years)

After graduating from pre-school learners join lower primary which runs from Grade 1 to Grade 3 before moving to upper primary.