What Do Children Learn?

At this stage the children start reading simple words and sentences while doing simple addition and subtraction. They also start their computing classes.

Mathematical Activities:

Classification- sorting and grouping, matching and pairing, ordering, and sequencing objects. Mathematical activities includes rote counting, counting concrete objects, number recognition, number sequencing, number value, number writing, putting together, and take away.Measurement- measuring sides of objects, surfaces of objects, comparing the heaviness of objects, daily routine, filling and emptying, space between objects, compare speed of objects.

Psychomotor & Creative Activities:

Includes movement, games, dances, drawing, colouring and swimming.

Language activities;

Oral activities include Listening, story-telling, reciting sounds & letters of the alphabet, responding to requests, and singing.Reading readiness includes describing pictures and objects, classification, recalling, left-right eye orientation, letters of the alphabet, and colors.Writing readiness covers Modeling, coloring and painting, letter pattern writing, drawing, threading and tracing.

Environmental Activities:

They learn how to relate to strangers, personal hygiene, dressing self, etc etc